Revolutionizing Internship Experiences

An Unparalleled University, Supervisor,
and Student

Supervision Assist provides a comprehensive solution for managing the challenges universities, supervisors and students face in a mental health practicum and internship training program.

Smart Evaluations

Supervisor, faculty, client and trainee evaluations

Log Activities

Activity log entries and progress tracking

Verify Qualifications

Verification of logged supervision hours

Create Reports

Formative and summative assessment reports

Supervision Assist Preview
Live Sessions

Live, secure online supervision sessions

Digital Records

Digitally-processed records and forms

Quick Placements

Automated and streamlined placement process

Documented Competency

Applied and documented graduate competency

  • We absolutely loved using Supervision Assist! Dr. Castillo and five students traveled to Costa Rica. I was able to use it to do training with the students. It was awesome. I felt I was there! We did not experience a single problem!
    Mary Fernandez

    Texas A&M Corpus Christi

Power Your Program

Our powerful and integrated cloud-based technology eliminates paper and repetitive tasks, centralizes student data, client sessions and evaluations, and allows online activity log tracking and approvals.

Leverage Technology

Record, share, review live supervised sessions. Capture and track student progress at supervision sites. Enjoy peace of mind with a secure, HIPAA-compliant system.

Increase Visibility

Training plans, faculty, site supervisors, and trainees are all orchestrated in one system, giving you visibility and control across the entire placement and supervision process.

Improve Outcomes

Online evaluations and form submissions, learning objectives based on accreditation standards, and expert consulting services are at your fingertips to help you satisfy program evaluation requirements.

Continue Education

To empower our Supervision Assist members in making a difference in others' lives, we offer free CE courses to registered university faculty, site supervisors, and mental health trainees.

Built by Educators for Educators

  • Keith Gibson, PhD

    Keith is a Clinical Psychologist with over 30 years in research, clinical and consulting practice. Keith has also held leadership roles in research administration and program evaluation.

    Keith currently specializes in program evaluation and system analysis. He draws upon his years of expertise as a practicing psychologist, administrator, researcher and technologist to help universities evaluate their programs to implement, meet, and maintain CACREP standards.

  • John Rigney, PhD, LPCC

    John is an experienced counselor educator, consultant and clinician. He has served in counselor education since 1988 with appointments as a faculty member, department chair and dean of the graduate school.

    He first started working toward CACREP accreditation in 1994, in a counseling department with 3 faculty. Upon his departure, the program had grown to 31 counselor education faculty enrolling over 400 graduate students.

Features Committed to Your Security and Productivity

  • Optimize supervision activities with enhanced tracking, organization, and documentation
  • Cloud-based technology accessible anywhere, anytime - across one campus or multiple campuses
  • Expand your reach! Record and share secure live supervision sessions from anywhere
  • Easy to implement and cost-effective - no need for university IT resource support
  • Supports HIPAA compliance
  • Provides the structure and focus to meet CACREP and other accreditations
  • Streamlines the transition from student to professional

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