New & Improved Activity Logs are HERE!

June 6, 2019


Video Transcript:

We’re excited to announce that our Activity Log 360 release is here! The Supervision Assist team has been working hard to make Activity Logs easier to use and faster than ever. Check out some of the SA Activity Log Improvements:

1. Faster To Use

  • We’ve streamlined the approval process. Supervisors can now approve daily activity log entries for all trainees at once.
  • An improved & streamlined form now makes activity log entries quicker and easier.
  • We’ve also made it possible to have one customized view. Now you can add as many activity log entries as you want to see in one view.


2. Smarter Tools

  • We’ve added a dedicated “Pending Approvals” page for Coordinators and Supervisors. Supervisors can now use a “request changes” status prior to approving entries.
  • An enhanced calendar – with date ranges and quick entry filter – offers an intuitive way to navigate the activity log.


3. Convenient Progress Tracking

  • Trainee progress statistics are summarized – view “required vs. logged” hours for each requirement.
  • Relevant activity entry details are visible at a glance.
  • Supervisors and Coordinators can view trainees full activity logs – with enhanced completion statistics.

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