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New & Improved Activity Logs are HERE!

We’re excited to announce our Activity Log 360 release! We’ve worked hard to make activity logs easier and faster to use. Here’s a snapshot of some of the improvements that are a part of this release!    

Using HIPAA-Secure Live Sessions to Develop Therapy Skills

Designed into SA is a unique process to assist supervisees with therapy skills training. Supervisees and supervisors access the application through SA’s HIPAA-secure video recording system. The process for supervisees to record role-play and client sessions is very efficient and saves supervisors and supervisees significant time and frustration. The HIPAA-secure

Why Accreditation Matters

Professional accreditation of counselor education programs are here tostay. At the “20/20: A Vision for the Future of Counseling” a group of three counseling organizations, with leaders including the ACA, AASCB and more, came together to insure the future growth and direction of the counseling profession. This group recommended, as

Our Team Welcomes You!

Welcome to our Supervision Assist community!  Supervision Assist revolutionizes internship experiences using a powerful and integrated, HIPAA-secure, cloud-based technology. From registration through to graduation, Supervision Assist makes it easy to monitor and evaluate student performance, simplifies site placement and helps students develop long-term career skills. ​​​​ Our team is committed


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