Grow Your Counseling Skills with Video Rehearsal

October 18, 2018

Video Transcript:

Learn how you can take advantage of our HIPAA-secured video system to dramatically improve and refine your foundational clinical skills. Supervision Assist’s video system allows for repetitive rehearsal of deliberate practice-based training.

Here is an example of how this practice and rehearsal could work:

  1. The supervisor develops a short scenario for skill development.

  2. Each learner reviews the short scenario and understands that they must provide an appropriate clinical response.

  3. The response occurs as a self-video that gets recorded on their smart phone.

    Note: If the learner is not happy with their video response, they can delete and create new videos until they are satisfied with their clinical response.

  4. The final version of the student video clip is submitted to the supervisor for feedback.

  5. The supervisor can then review student responses – providing constructive feedback and guidance.

This method is a safe way to practice and improve specific clinical skills and have experience implementing those skills with constructive feedback.

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