Learn More About SA’s HIPAA-Secure, Cloud-Based Live Video Sessions

September 13, 2018

Video Transcript:

Supervision Assist provides a fully HIPAA compliant internship training solution with Live Session Cloud Recording. Video sessions are recorded directly to the cloud – eliminating the storage of personal data or clinical sessions on any personal devices.

All recording sessions experience end-to-end encryption both during transmission and at rest in the cloud. Data access is managed according to strict protocols

Live Video Cloud Recording is HIPAA-secure and also features:

  • Automatic Logoff – Authenticated sessions are terminated after 10 minutes of inactivity.

  • Risk Analysis & Management – Supervision Assist is secured against anticipated attacks, impermissible uses, and known threats.

  • HIPAA Training – Students are provided with HIPAA training to help ensure data is handled securely.

  • Upload Controls – Supervisors can set permissions on a per-student basis to allow or prevent the upload of sensitive files.

  • Disposal – Uploaded files by students are safely disposed of upon graduation.

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